International Epilepsy Day… Epilepsy is more than Seizures

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From The International Bureau For Epilepsy Last year was the first year of the official International Epilepsy Day.  Following a successful launch with many activities around the world, we now look forward to International Epilepsy Day 2016. Already we are putting plans in place, with our Photography Competition – Yes, I can! already launched and with a closing date of

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Indiana University School of Medicine Resource Links

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Resource Links Content list was written and belongs to IU School of Medicine. The following links are provided for informational purposes only.  Indiana Epilepsy Services cannot be responsible for the content or accuracy of these websites.  Access Indiana Information Network: Description: Official web site of the State of Indiana. ACRC of Indiana (317) 977-2375 or (800) 382-9100 Description: Organization established by parents

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Indiana Senate Bill 258 – Cannabidiol for the Treatment of Epilepsy

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Authored by Sen. James Tomes. Cannabidiol for the Treatment of Epilepsy Provides that certain prohibitions against granting a license to a grower or handler of industrial hemp do not apply to growers and manufacturers that process cannabidiol (CBD) and meet certain requirements. Requires the state seed commissioner to establish testing standards for CBD. Establishes requirements for facilities and manufacturers that

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Epilepsy 24/7 Hotline For Support

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This content is from The Epilepsy Foundation and they maintain all ownership of it’s content: Visit the original page here. Help • Hope • Support How Can You Contact Us? You can speak with trained information specialists at any time by calling: Our Toll-Free Helpline: 1-800-332-1000 (en Español 1-866-748-8008) Calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ASK

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Facts about Seizures and Epilepsy

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You can’t swallow your tongue during a seizure. It’s physically impossible. You should NEVER force something into the mouth of someone having a seizure. Absolutely not! Forcing something into the mouth of someone having a seizure is a good way to chip teeth, cut gums, or even break someone’s jaw. The correct first aid is simple. Just gently roll the

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